Info on the Gaja Cyclone

Update: 09.12.2018

1. 100 Solar lamps were distributed and lates images are shared below
2. Construction work Work in progress.Will be updated with more details soon.

Cyclone Gaja, which slammed with a speed of 120 K.m into Tamil Nadu on Friday, has claimed 45 lives. 1.7 lakh trees have been uprooted, 735 cattle died, 1.17 lakh houses damaged and 88,102 hectare agricultural land has been affected. 6 districts are in darkness and most of the roads are damaged. People all over have suffered heavy losses, and are now struggling to recover and rebuild. This project aims to assist the rehabilitation and reconstruction that has been destroyed by the GAJA.


Due to the cyclone GAJA in 6 districts of Tamil nadu, thousands of citizens lost their houses, crops and belongings. cyclone victims face scarcity of drinking water with no electricity, communication system and transportation system.

How do we help?

We are distributing 100 solar lamps and building 10 huts. Beneficiaries have already been identified and volunteers are on task to get these projects implemented. These are done by our well-wishers in Zurich along with their friends on ground.

What & How?

1. Solar lamps: Collected 50 lights from various post offices and sent to Pattukottai. Thanks to our friends from Coimbatore.(added photos)
2.Other 50 lights ordered and will be delivered on Wednesday at Tanjavour post office.
Both will be collected and distributed by Danuvel team.

3. Construction work: Provided financial support to build 10 huts. Work in progress.Will receive more details over this weekend.

Ground work done by Latheesh

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