Francois Meyer Nursery & Primary School (Boys Town)

It was the year 1964 when the future founder of Boys Town Society met a few youngsters in the Railway Station of Madurai who were begging. They were working as porters and did not show any interest in neither education nor in striving towards a better future. The founder had a discussion with them and understood that this was because of their poor economic background and the lack of concern towards education in their family. ‘The right environment and the right kind of encouragement would mould these children to come up in life’, he pondered and this thought pushed him to start a small centre in a leased place near Thirumangalam. Today, the society has 4 Boys Towns, 1 Girls Town and 3 children-villages assisting around 600 children under residential care and another three hundred children in 4 villages under non-residential care.

What Does Boys Town Society Do?

Boys Town Society (BTS) provide quality education to children from various levels.
They provide shelter, nutritious food, school uniforms, sports lessons, computer education, medical check-ups, cultural & sports activities, a student - parliament system to develop leadership qualities, as well as indoor & out door club activities to bring out their inner personality skills.
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  • Project Status: Being funded by Asha Zurich (since 2015)
  • Project contact: Stefania Lanfranchi : email
  • More information on the project is available at Global Asha website

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