Indranil Bhattacharya

My story with team Asha and Zurich marathon goes back to a time when I was not even running. It dates back to 2012, while I was volunteering and cheering the runners of team Asha from the sidelines at the Zurich Marathon. The marathon event is our biggest fundraiser and since 2015 I have ran most of the editions raising funds for the cause, education for underprivileged kids in India. This year due to the COVID-19, Zurich marathon was cancelled but the guys at Asha Zurich came up with a creative idea- I run. You donate.

I will be running a 24 hour race in Brugg, Switzerland starting on 17 th October ( I would be happy if you could make a donation to Asha Zurich for my run. Since our fundraising has been affected and we have several projects that seek our financial support for their continuity hence your contribution will be hugely helpful

I am grateful for your support and your kindness.

I invite you to Brugg on 18 th October to cheer me.

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