Pooja Thakkar

I've always believed that education is basic human right irrespective of the age, gender and financial status and it's my duty to play smaller if not bigger part in making that available to all. Educating kids has always been close to my heart and gives me tremendous happiness. Asha Zurich has been supporting education of hundreds of kids from the past few years which is more challenging with the ongoing pandemic crisis. I'm again participating this year in Asha Zurich run to raise funds and get a step closer to achieving our goal. I pledge to run 15km during Oct. 2nd to 9th to support the cause.

I will post my progress on my insta page @chillingmountain. With your donations, it will be possible to keep supporting these kids for the following years. To know about the projects Asha Zurich is supporting, please visit Asha projects Thank you for your donations

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