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Hello Friends,

2013 UNICEF estimate suggests that about 65 million adolescents between the ages of 12-15 are denied their right to an education, and currently about 59 million children of primary education are out of school. In India, about 1.4 million children between 6-11 are out of school. I work as a volunteer and project coordinator of ASHA Zurich, an organization working for the education of underprivileged children in India. As one of the project coordinator, I know that an amount as low as 20 chf/month is enough for full education along with nutritious foods and health facility for a child in the remote corners of India. But unfortunately somehow that amount is not reached to so many children.

We in ASHA Zurich, do fundraising through all constructive means to provide this support for child education in India. As a part of this effort, number of volunteers of ASHA Zurich participated in Zurich marathon for last 3 years. This year also about 50 volunteers of ASHA Zurich are participating in Zurich marathon for various tracks. Our goal is to do the fundraising for bringing those little ones to the primary school.

As a part of this great cause, I am also taking part in the Zurich Marathon 2020 for 17.5 km track. And I know that with your help, when I will finish my race, there begins few walks with school bags. I would request you to help me in this cause by donating whatever amount you like to the following link.

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