- To encourage, engage, inspire and improve quality of education available to children in government primary school (upto 5th standard). - To inculcate the habit of going to school regularly in children. - To provide a report every five-months to Asha Zurich containing the details of the educational goals achieved, planned educational goals for the near future and expenditure incurred (along with receipts) and the foreseen expenditure for the next six months. - Keeping Asha Zurich informed about the immediate next destination of children after their studies with ANKURAM. - Identifying students with scholastic and extra-curricular potential and recommending them to Asha Zurich for scholarships. - To make sure that the ANKURAM program at the government school is running well and the kids are getting quality education. - Monitor the volunteers and coordination with teachers to and maintain the quality of education. - Co-ordinate with the school committee, villagers and parents of the kids in the Community.

The current situation in government primary schools is so pathetic that even thinking about imparting education to the children going there is facetious. Improving education environment at Government primary schools, through micro planning and improved processes, in an organized manner, using Student Volunteers(YOUTH) energy and skills with support of local community & senior learned citizens is the objective of this joint mission. This is a pilot phase of this programme and will be taken at state level in phased manner at next stage.

  • Project Status: Being funded by Asha Zurich (since 2018)
  • Project contact: Namrata & Guratinder
  • More information on the project is available also at Global Asha website