Sabuj Sangha is a unique organization operating in 26 villages of the Sundarbans, West Bengal. They are active in areas such as healthcare, community development and women empowerment, disaster management and education. They are running a fully functional school for underprivileged children who can attend for free. The school offers quality education in a non – political and non – violent environment, giving free health checks to the children and engaging them in in a variety of extracurricular activities. Under the Natun Aalo project the organization provides residential schooling for 35 rescued child laborers, trafficked or orphaned children. The parents often are forced to leave their children behind in order to go work in major cities, the children are sent to work themselves or victims of child traffickers.

What do we do?

At the school the children get education in an unbiased environment and boarding in the dormitory on the school campus and are looked after by two supervisors and two matrons. The board members, teachers and supervisors of Sabuj Sangha are doing great work with a heart for children, providing training for teachers and a quality of education that is not to be found in the region otherwise. They actively engage with the parents and local communities in order to break the circle of poverty and raise awareness against child marriage, for the importance of education and the development of the children. In providing the children with free schooling they are equipping them with better chances in life and lifting part of the burden from the parents. The course of the lives of those 35 children under our Natun Aalo project gets changed completely, saved from harsh labour, homelessness or sex trafficking they get the chances that every child on earth deserves: a save environment to grow, education and care.

  • Project Status: Being funded by Asha Zurich (since 2016)
  • Project contact: Michal Studniarek
  • More information on the project is available also at Global Asha website