Asha for Education is a voluntary group comprised of students and professionals with 51 chapters across the globe in US, Europe and Asia.

  • We are concerned about the underprivileged women and children in India and want to do our best to help make their lives happier and their futures brighter.
  • We believe that this is most effectively done by enabling them to acquire basic literacy and vocational skills.
  • We have no political or religious affiliations.

What do we do?

We raise money around the world through cultural programs and fundraisers to help support voluntary agencies in India that are directly involved in children's education. 100% of the contributions made to Asha minus a minimal overhead are used for education projects in India. To get an idea of the scale of Asha global, please look at the following statistics -

No. of volunteers - 1000+ across the globe

About Asha Zurich

Asha Zurich was started by a few students and professionals from Zurich in 2002. The aim of the group is to mobilize the Indian and Swiss population to collectively support and provide financial assistance to grass-roots level education movements in India. To maximize the effectiveness of its efforts, Asha-Zurich seeks to support educational projects in rural and economically backward areas. Members of Asha attempt to maintain a close personal involvement with the organizations and projects that are sponsored.

Specific objectives of Asha-Zurich

  • To support social development projects in India.
  • To collaborate with other non-profit organizations for providing wider support.
  • To promote awareness of social issues in India.

Why us