Vishwa Mandal Sevashram (VMS) which includes the Palas schools, has been associated with Asha Zürich since 2005. The schools provide informal education for the children coming from the Bhil tribe in various regions of Dulhe district in Maharashtra.

In the last year (2014), VMS conducted 382 classes across 46 villages and trained 924 students.

What do we do?

They support the students and help in the transition of these children from the informal to formal schooling. This year a budget of Rupees 11,82,390 (approximately 19,000 CHF) was approved. The funds from Asha Zürich are used to support the schools by providing salaries for teachers and supervisors and education material for the children. This year they have 30- 35 classes planned per month with 678 students (40% of whom are girls).

  • Project Status: Being funded by Asha Zurich (since 2005)
  • Project contact: Sachin Mehta
  • Here is the external link to Project website
  • More information on the project is available also at Global Asha website