Express Donation to our projects. You can do one-time or recurring donations via credit card, TWINT or Post-Finance. The entire donation, after bank charges, will support child education in India!

  • Bank    UBS, Zurich
  • In favour of    Asha Zurich
  • Address    Casinostrasse 3, Dubendorf 8600
  • Account number    206-259021.40Q
  • Clearance number    206
  • IBAN    CH29 0020 6206 2590 2140 Q

  • Participate in our CAYH program - pledge a small amount as a regular donation towards Asha Zurich.( Select the recurring donation )

  • The CAYH programme, as its name indicates, aims to inculcate the idea of charity as a hobby. You can choose to pledge a small amount as a regular donation towards Asha Zurich.

    The benefits are many, both for the donor and for Asha Zurich - the relatively small amount doesn't take a big bite out of the donor's wallet, while many such donations ensure a steady flow of funds for Asha Zurich, allowing our organisation to grow. Also, we at Asha Zurich can keep in contact with our CAYH donors, so that you are more informed about Asha Zurich's activities & events and the progress of the projects that we support.

    Asha Zurich covers its overheads and administrative expenses through separate volunteer contributions. This means that every franc of your donation is utilised for the funding of projects that we support.